Software Eliminates Disastrous Loss of Your Important Data

Imagine you have just completed a project that took 10 hours. Now imagine your computer crashing and losing all that data. Maybe you just created and edited a video for your site, or put together a podcast. Perhaps you just created 10 pages for your website. And just like that it is gone.

Like most of us, your hard drive is full of very important information. Whether it is documents, photos, video or anything else, losing that information would be devastating. We have all heard the horror stories; hard drive crashes, stolen computers, floods, hurricanes, fire. Whatever the cause, losing important data can be a painful, time-consuming and possibly very costly experience.

The truth is, it is completely unnecessary if you just take the time to back up your computer’s hard drive.

Friend and associate Charles Johnston recently recommended an automated backup service to me that is easy to use and automatically backs up new files on a daily basis. Once I installed it I didn’t need to do anything else. The software automatically takes care of everything.

Of course, I procrastinated a couple of weeks thinking it would be a time-consuming process to set up. In truth it took just a couple of minutes and it works brilliantly.

The software is called Carbonite, and what it does is protect you from loss of important emails, music, financials, photos and anything else of importance on your computer. Once Carbonite is installed on your computer this small software package quietly works in the background, tracking down any new or changed files that need to be backed up. It doesn’t run when you are working to insure that it doesn’t slow you down. But once you are done, the program kicks in and automatically backs up the new and changed files. It is integrated into your computer so there is nothing you need to do.

Carbonite is completely secure. They take your privacy and security very seriously and encrypt your files twice before securely backing them up offsite. These encryption codes are similar to what a bank uses, and the files remain encrypted at their secure data center to insure that only you can see them.

What makes Carbonite so great is how simple it is. Everything is done automatically. The program waits until your computer is idle, then grabs the files needing backed up, encrypts them and sends them off to safe storage. When you are working Carbonite goes to sleep so it won’t slow your computer or Internet connection down. And in the case of accidental loss or damage to your files, or if your computer is stolen, restoring your files is easy and quick. It takes just a few clicks to retrieve your files, even if it is onto a new computer.

When I installed Carbonite on my computer I knew it was working because it showed a little green or yellow dot on each of my file folders to show what had been backed up. The screen shot below shows an example with new files that are currently being backed up.

Losing important data is an unnecessary risk in today’s world. The tools are available to protect you from loss, and with a program as simple and affordable as Carbonite you will never again have to worry about losing your important documents.

Give yourself peace of mind today by trying Try Carbonite Online Backup FREE for 15 days and back up your irreplaceable files automatically and securely. They won’t even ask for your credit card.


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