Taking Your Home Office on the Road

The great thing about laptops is that you’re able to bring your office with you wherever you go. I do this all the time when I’m on the road speaking, traveling with the family or engaged in business meetings.

With the various tools that I’ve discovered and use, I’ve found that I can do everything I do in my home office when I am out and about. To retrieve pass words, users names and other information, I use RoboForm, in order to easily connect to the web pages that I use the most, I utilize PageLeap and to ensure that I never lose any of the documents, data or information that’s so important to my success, I link to the backup service Carbonite.

The Meeting

Needless to say, I always feel connected and prepared when I travel because all I have to do is open my laptop and I know with certainty that everything I need will be there. However, and please remember to take this to heart, your laptop won’t help you if you forget to bring it with you.

That’s what happened to me one day when I boarded a jet to travel 1,000 miles for a very important meeting. There was no turning back. The meeting was all set to go. When I arrived all of my data, schematics and my entire PowerPoint presentation was still safe and sound in my home office, keeping my desk, chair and entertainment wall units company.

I thought, “This is not good.” But, I did have a plan.

When I arrived at my destination I was able to secure a computer from the company at which I had the meeting. Although I had forgotten mine, the company computer and a secure connection to the Internet was all that I needed to make the meeting come off without a hitch.

Google Solutions

I habitually use two online tools—Google Documents and Google Calendar. This was a huge factor in my being able to save the day. That’s because with Google Documents, I was able to access my presentation, data and project proposal and share it with the company with which I was meeting. I then accessed my Google Calendar, which included a timeline for the project and also let schedule some follow up times when I would touch base with the company.

Everything went off without a hitch, I can off as being totally in control and the day was saved. All of this happened because I used two basic online tools that are available to everyone.

Back at Home

I have to admit that it was good to be back at my home office, surrounded by familiar fixtures such as my tasteful wall décor and extra-spacious desk. The next day, I was using Skype to meet with the folks I had impressed 24 hours earlier. I shared some photographs with them using the Skype add-on SnagIt and recorded the meeting utilizing another add-on, Pamela.

Be Ready for Anything

When you work out of your own home office it’s up to you to be organized and ready for anything. That’s because you create your own backup. The great thing is there are many different tools available for the individual business owner that will ensure they have what they need when the unexpected happens.

Remember that in affiliate marketing, as it is with every business, the person who is prepared for the unexpected is the one who has been best chance of not just surviving but thriving. Taking the time to use the tools that can keep you on track will go a long way to helping you achieve your objectives and realize your dreams.

The results of striving for those dreams are manifested in different ways, including extra time I get to spend with my wife, Arlene, and our four beautiful children, the 1965 Shelby Cobra that I drive and those simple but impromptu excursions that I take with my wife and friends. You can achieve your objectives and dreams too; get started today.

About the Author

James Martell discovered the lucrative world of affiliate marketing in 1999. He is a self-taught Internet entrepreneur and a leading expert in affiliate marketing, outsourcing and SEO. James is the host of the "Affiliate Buzz", the first and longest running affiliate marketing podcast. James is the host of the “Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp”, a continually updated affiliate marketing training well known for turning affiliate newbies into success stories. James his resides in White Rock BC, a seaside suburb of Vancouver on the West Coast of Canada with Arlene and their four children.


  1. dada says:

    Hi James! I'm really impressed.... So many suggestions and tips! They are so valuable for someone who just started and also for those who have been around for a while, with no success like me. I joined your newsletter, I'm sure I'll learn a lot 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    I really enjoyed your tips! I have been using my laptop on the road more and more for business and have had some issues with organization and feeling my data is secure. I will definitely look into these suggestions! Especially the Google tools, as they are free! Thank you I look forward to visiting your blog soon......

  3. Matthew says:

    Hi James,

    I use Roboform and Google docs, too. I have been using Roboform for my PC since 2008. Recently, Roboform became available for Macs, so I am about to buy the Mac version, too. I enjoyed reading your article!

  4. James Martell says:

    I have been using RoboForm for years now. I couldn't live without it. Google docs too! I am sure the Mac fans will love to know it's available for Mass.

  5. Madeline says:

    That's the good thing about working at home..Anywhere you go you can work and I meet my kids needs anytime..


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