So Many Tweets – So Little Time – Thank Goodness for TWEETDECK

Actually it wasn’t all that long ago that I had a chance to interview Twitter expert, Debra Carney. From Debra, and since then, I have learned some of the language being used by Tweople (people that tweet) and it’s not a “post” but a “tweet”. Anytime someone is talking about you it’s called “mentions” or “mentioning” and any messages sent directly to you by other Tweople are called “direct messages”. And did you know that a celebrity who is using Twitter is called a celebritweet?

There are also a number of free tools popping up on the Tweet scene to help you manage your Twitter account and all the folks that you follow on Twitter. My personal favorite is TWEETDECK.

If you’re anything like me, you have people on Twitter whom you enjoy following for any number of reasons. They could be family, friends or a myriad of folks and businesses that inspire you personally or edify your business side. I find myself not even coming close to having the time to read up on them all – well actually it’s read down. Because on Twitter, if you click on one of the people you’re following, you start at the top and scroll down to make sure you haven’t missed anything important from that person or business. You scroll down until you figure out that yes, you’ve read that one. Gees, I didn’t realize I was gone so long. Multiply that by the people on Twitter that you follow and you have a chunk of reading to do and very little time to do it. I find myself frustrated for missing some important Tweets. Just when I was about ready to give up trying…along came TweetDeck!

TweetDeck is like your own personal browser to keep yourself connected with your contacts across Twitter and even Facebook, MySpace and Linkedin. TweetDeck gives you a view of everybody at once by placing your contact choices in columns across your page. You won’t have to miss important tweets anymore. You can fine tune your TweetDeck just like you want it. You can even have it bring “mentions” of you to the top of the page so you know who’s talking about you.

TweetdeckThe TweetDeck browser keeps your Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn at your finger tips.

All of the major news, weather and sports outlets in the USA, Canada and others elsewhere in the world have embraced this new micro-blogging platform. If they use Twitter to enlarge their audiences, imagine what it can do for your business. People being able to see your Tweets and what’s happening in your business using TweetDeck. It’s one more tool to help your business keep in touch with clients, old customers and new. If you are being followed by Tweoples, then keep those tweets coming about new and wonderful products, services and opportunities. They’ll keep you on their TweetDeck just so they don’t miss anything.

TweetDeck also allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts, add, create and manage twitter lists, view photo thumbnails, record share and watch video clips, locate your friends and see who is following you. I find it a nice simple fun way to communicate.

I highly recommend it, the software is free and you can download it on the link below.

For those of you still not sure whether you should be using Twitter for your business, I have a few archived interviews that you might want to listen to. One is my interview with Debra Carney. The other one is If You Don't Tweet You Should. Both of these will help understand how using Twitter can help you grow your business.

All the best,

PS - Listen to my the interview with Debra Carney for more on how you can use Twitter to grow your business.


  1. Romona says:

    Thanks, James. I really don't want to be a part of this "new revolution" but it looks as if I have no choice. You and Arlene are wonderful mentors!


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