The Money is in the List but Where is your List?

The money is in the list!MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet - My Review

For people who are serious about making money from their website, there are three very important statements. First, content is king, second, quality backlinks are an absolute must, and third the money is in the list.

Within this review we will be taking a look at a WordPress plug-in which helps with the third statement, by increasing the number of visitors who subscribe to a sites mailing list.

Let me just start off by explaining that list building is something I am very familiar with. I started building my own mailing list in 2002 and I am still continuing to build that same list today.

Most list owners will use a subscription based autoresponder service such as AWeber, GetResponse or iContact. Whilst these are all excellent autoresponder services with a full feature set for managing mailing lists and mails, none of them actually help out at the bleeding edge by making it easier to get mailing list subscribers.

Fortunately for those people running a website based upon the WordPress blog CMS platform, the situation just got a whole lot easier due to the folks at MaxBlogPress… Enter the Subscribers Magnet Plug-in.

A Feature Rich Plug-in

There are a few opt-in plug-ins available for WordPress, some free and some commercial. However, no other opt-in plug-in for WordPress currently has so many easily configurable, powerful features as Subscribers Magnet. The main opt-in feature set includes:

  1. Sidebar opt-in form – We have all seen the standard kind of opt-in widget most blogs use in the sidebar. The Subscribers Magnet sidebar widget stands out from the rest by auto filling visitor information, meaning a one click subscribe.
  2. Opt-in forum in the footer – This is a very unobtrusive place to add an opt-in form and just like the sidebar opt-in widget this form is auto populated with the visitors name and email address. The footer opt-in form is not permanent; it is only displayed for non subscribed visitors, meaning regular visitors will not have to see it every time they come back to the site.
  3. Embedded opt-in form in posts – What a great place to put an opt-in form, right at the bottom of a blog post. Once a visitor has finished reading a post, they naturally click subscribe and their details will already be automatically filled in.
  4. Comment opt-in – When a visitor has to enter their name and email address to leave a comment on the blog, there is a simple tick box which allows them to sign up for the blog mailing list.
  5. Silent opt-in – Possibly the most powerful opt-in option of all. Every time a visitor leaves a comment on the blog, or registers with the site, they will automatically be sent a double opt-in confirmation email for your mailing list.
  6. Pop-in opt-in form – Although some blog owners dislike the intrusive way in which a pop-in opt-in form works, the one included within Subscribers Magnet is a little more discreet than most. A nice feature is the fact that a timer can be set, which will delay the pop-in window opening.

This is a very wide range of options for adding an opt-in form to the blog, far more than any other WordPress plug-in offers.

Extracting Value from Subscribers

As most internet marketers will agree, the money is indeed in the list. Yet is surprising just how many websites fail to optimize their list building techniques. The norm is to see a small, boring opt-in box over on the sidebar, which is easily overlooked.

However, many website go the almost entirely opposite route and plaster opt-in forms all over the site and this can make the site seem very unfriendly for new visitors.

What Subscriber Magnet does is give the webmaster or blog owner access to a set of opt-in tools which can be mixed and matched to form a balance between the visibility of the opt-in forms on the site, and the overall visitor experience, by not overly selling the mailing list or newsletter.

The Secret of the Silent Opt-in

As I mentioned in the feature list above, the silent opt-in feature is probably the most powerful of all, but why is this? OK let us consider the fact that subscribing to a mailing list is a two part process. First the subscriber needs to submit the opt-in form and then they need to confirm the opt-in once the autoresponder service used has sent the confirmation email.

Now for most people, filling in that opt-in form and hitting the ‘subscribe’ now button is a major hurdle. We all know the situation, how many emails a day do you get from mailing lists you don’t even remember where you signed up from? We naturally are averted from sighing up for new lists.

What the silent opt-in does is jump this hurdle. Sure, the visitor will get an email saying ‘confirm’ but they have just registered for the site to post a comment, they will likely see this email as nothing more than a confirmation of the sign up. This is especially true if you take the time to craft a clever conformation email saying ‘welcome to the site’ or something similar.

Does this Plug-in Have Value?

I have to say yes. In fact, I love it! List building is a major concern for most on-line marketers and anything which streamlines the process of capturing signups and increases the percentage of visitors who do sign up as hot be a good thing. The plugin simplifies the set-up and integration big time.

I will shortly know for sure whether the claims of a 50% or more increase in signups for sites using Subscriber Magnet is founded or not. In truth, even if my subscription rates do not increase by such a large percentage, the plug-in will still be of value simply due to the fact it is an elegant, all in one solution to place multiple styles of opt-in forms on a single site.

Was the Plugin Easy to Install?

I am running this plug-in on this site. It was remarkably easy to install. I did run into one problem. I use InfusionSoft to manage my email lists. A competitor of sorts to AWeber. It is very robust and a little pricey at $300 per month but it fits my needs well. The problem I had was related to the integration with the InfusionSoft optin form which wasn't listed.

Subscribers Magnet does support AWeber, ProSender, ListPing, FreeAutobot, TurboAutoresponders, EmailAces, GetResponse, 1ShoppingCart, QuickPayPro, Parabots and AutoResponsePlus. If your email software isn't listed, not too worry, the functionality to add a "new autoresponder" is built in.

The money is in the list, yet they say you have to speculate to accumulate. SO why not invest a few dollars in the Subscribers Magnet plug-in and maximize the power of list building for your website or blog?

Check it out. I am sure you'll be impressed.

Oh and by the way, if you haven't done so already, please go ahead and subscribe to my list. I would love to have you on board -- plus it will be a great way for you to see the software in action.  😉


  1. Mike Rivers says:

    This post was very helpful! I will very well take a look into this plugin!

  2. Danny says:

    Hi James,

    Just read your article, and this Plug-in seems pretty impressive.

    Not quite sure I understand though.

    Does this Plug-in stand alone, or does it work in conjunction with one's Autoresponder service such as AWeber?


    Danny M (Bootcamp Member)

  3. vicky says:

    read your article do you have any screenshot for the plugins you have listed above.plz do reply


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