Finding the Right Tools: The Platform for Success is the Home Office Desk

When I first started out as an affiliate marketer, I thought I was all ready to go once I had set my new home computer up on my home office desk. What else could I need? I had a phone, an Internet connection, a powerful PC and a topnotch printer.

Plus, before buying one, I had looked at a few desks for my home office and discovered one that I really liked. It had a great finish, some easy open drawers and a spot where I could place my coffee cup. What I did not realize was that I had bought a very nice desk that was perfect for a very different job.

Different Desks for Different Tasks

You may find that you need a desk that has a lot of storage. I did not. When I work at home, I prefer to sit at a desk that is open and that gives me easy access to my keyboard and computer screen. Also, I like to have each of my computer components in a specified area.

I work at home with my wife, Arlene. Each of us has our own home offices. The convenience of a home office is fantastic. Since both of us work from home, we are able to take breaks and enjoy one another’s company and help one another solve perplexing problems.

Plus, the opportunity to use your time efficiently is never more evident than when you work from your home. There’s no pesky commuter traffic, no side trips and no need to pay for parking.

In order to reach maximum efficiency and to stay in control of all the information that I needed to run my enterprise successfully, I soon discovered that I required a desktop that was friendly to my PC. I also found that it helped to have a desk that was expansive. At the same time, my desk had to be certainly clear of clutter in order to function at peak performance level.

By the way, if you suffer from a lack of space, you should consider looking at corner computer desks. These can really solve some space problems while helping to enhance your productivity. There are various other styles that may work for you, but aren’t my cup of tea.

The Desk as a Symbol for Success

Finding the right desk is a practical matter for everyone. But the fact is the desk in my home office from which I ran my affiliate marketing business also became a symbol and a formula for my success.

Once I found the right one, it was, like its user, focused on one thing—the business I was running. Yes there were some family pictures on it, images of those people for whom I wanted to be successful and with whom I wanted to share my accomplishments, but overall this desk was streamlined, much like my business would have to be.

All opportunity emanated from my desk and the fact that I had found that I worked best in a setting that had very little excess and that allowed me to focus on the task at hand while planning how my enterprise would proceed made this working area a model for my accomplishments. If my business had not succeed, it would have been a model for my failure.

What I Learned at and from My Office Desk

But the fact that all opportunity started at this anchor point said a lot to me about how to go about what I was doing. Here’s what I learned from finding the office desk that was right for me.

  • When the dynamic at my desk was correct, I could think more clearly.
  • If I was able to use my desk to create focus, then I got a lot more accomplished.
  • A clear desk allowed me to think more clearly.
  • With a relatively clean desktop, I was able to see and solve problems much faster and easier.
  • I wasted less energy and was less distracted.
  • I liked an expansive desktop that offered me plenty of room to my left. This made me feel like I was in a cockpit and in control.
  • My phone, computer and printer became more efficient as I did and this was the result of my being able to access them easily.
  • Simplifying basic tasks in this way made developing and accomplishing complex plans more trouble-free.
  • I became more organized and finished tasks more quickly and had more family and “me” time.
  • My home office desk became a magnet for accomplishment. I wanted to get down to work more quickly.

Staying Organized Via Your Computer

In an office that is paperless, you rarely need paper stackers, organizers with little cubbyholes and a whole lot of drawers. When you shop around and look at home office desks, you need to consider that it is going to be a platform from which you will work towards your success.

Chances are the top of your desk is going to be unencumbered by a lot of gadgets and caddies. You may have the odd pen and pencil holder, but you’ll want that desktop to be primarily reserved for your computer and any other peripherals you require.

Finding the right setting in which to work then allowed me to start to develop a successful working relationship within my environment and with my computer. As an example, when I first started my affiliate marketing business I was frustrated by the time and productivity that I lost when I misplaced specific and much needed user names and passwords.

After losing out on some opportunities due to this penchant I had for misplacing this important information and realizing how inefficient it was for me to write them down (because often, if I did remember to record them, I misplaced the names and passwords), I discovered a program called RoboForm.

The idea behind this program is so simple and practical that it’s brilliant. RoboForm will automatically remember your user names and passwords and will put them into forms and fill in your login information for Internet sites. It is the ultimate form and password remembering, managing and form filling device. And it made my labor light.

Sometimes simple things, such as passwords and user IDs, can really slow you down as you waste time trying to remember or find them. I wasted hours before this software made this part of my life and business as trouble-free as can be.

All Hands on Deck

That deck, your home office desk, will define you and your business. Prior to deciding on what type is right for you, you’ll need to take some time to look at various styles and models. Setting up your home office is exciting. It’s filled with all the energy that someone feels when they’re about to embark on an adventure that holds all the promise in the world.

And once you get it right and starting making money, you’ll be able to fully pursue some of your passions as I have with my 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C. I am a kit car fanatic and this auto is my baby. So take your time finding the right launching pad for your dreams. You’ll love your work even more.

About the Author

James Martell is one of the leading affiliate marketers in the world. He’s been running his own successful affiliate marketing enterprise since 1999 and teaching others his secrets and techniques for success since 2001. He offers helpful insights and advice through his popular weekly affiliate marketing podcasts. James runs his business from his home office desk in White Rock, BC, where he resides with his wife, Arlene, and their four children.

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