Video Email Marketing – The New Way of Expanding Business

Video Email MarketingAs our technology has evolved, so have marketing techniques. As a result, now more than ever it is really difficult to reach out to new customers. The modern consumer is not only bombarded with ads on TV and the Internet, but they also have to worry about scams.

The advent of the Internet has been both a curse and a blessing. Hackers and spammers are around every corner it seems, and they have made it so that legitimate online entrepreneurs have a tough time doing business because many potential customers have been tainted by their practices. Currently, most of the consumers in the market are wary of everyone.

If you’ve met with resistance using old techniques, you might want to try out video email. Video email software is a new way of doing things that often takes customers by surprise. If you’d like to send a video email to reach out to new and existing customers, you may be wondering if it really works. Let’s see if it bears up under scrutiny.

What About Text-based Email?

To answer the above question, you first have to ask yourself, how has it been working out for you? Have you seen any returns on your investment? I have. In fact, I have done very well with text based emails, which is why video email has me so intrigued.

With all the detritus online today, it’s no surprise that web surfers don’t click the attachments. The reality of it is that most such emails end up in spam folders and simply get deleted. So how should you get prospective customers to click the links in your emails when they are so apprehensive?

The Modern Solution

First, you have to come to grips with the fact that no one is going to cold click your attachments, so you might as well just stop doing that altogether. Instead of text emails, consider video email. Programs like Talk Fusion allow you to stick a video still in the email for potential customers to click on. When they do so, your full video opens externally for viewing.

Arguably, the best thing about modern video email programs is that they were designed for us non-IT gurus. They are intuitive and made so that anyone who knows their way around a computer can figure them out. With even children nowadays habitually uploading cell phone videos to YouTube, there really is no excuse for such programs being hard to use.

Cost Analysis

Text-based email is pretty much free, that’s true. So maybe you are hesitant about the cost of video mail software. But, you have to think about what you are getting out of your old emails, which is probably nothing. So to give you more information, let’s explain the cost of video email software in more detail.

To initiate your video email endeavor, you’ll need to spend about $197 a month for video email, video broadcasting and video sharing programs. The alternative is Talk Fusion, which costs $35 a month to get it all in one program. It does require you to pay $250 up front, unfortunately.

In conclusion, video email is the solution for increasing revenues, personalized marketing, lead generation, product demonstrations, quotations, improving customer retention, testimonials, unboxing presentations, thank yous, and increasing conversion rates.


Bryan Conley was recently interviewed. Bryan owns a window tinting business in Florida. When the recession hit in 2007 Bryan panicked. Many people lost their homes that year. Bryan survived because he used Talk Fusion video email services. Bryan no longer spends $2000 a month on advertising. No more does Bryan use newspaper ads. No more does Bryan use Yellow pages. Talk Fusion is the single and only solution required. in the daily rush just to keep business moving, many business owners dismiss real opportunities. Some think, "Is this for me?" The answer is that any business that requires conversion of new prospects, retaining current customers, building confidence, loyalty, trust and a human face has to have video email. As Bryan explains, "it is exactly what is needed to dramatically increase their bottom line".


  1. Rory Carlyle says:

    Talk Fusion is a cool tool. If you like them, try another great video email tool.

  2. Will Franco aka Flywheel says:

    I have been doing video email marketing for over 3 years now, and coaching our members who come from all different walks of life and work in a large variety of industries. Following up every first phone call with a video email improves trust and rapport, and ultimately increases conversion--it works every time in every industry!


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