The Beauty of the Break-ation

Let me tell you, nothing to me sounds more tempting than a vacation. Nothing beats a long relaxing break, enjoying quality time with family and friends and just getting away from it all. Taking a holiday is a lovely thought, however it’s often hard to find a window of time when I can pull myself away from my business for more than a few days.

Affiliate marketing calls for long hours in front of the computer screen, as do many similar occupations in the corporate world. Whether you have been at it a few months, or many years, you may need a break. Personally I find affiliate marketing a fun and rewarding career, but without breaks from time to time your stress levels increase and this carries over into other parts of your life. While dedication is integral to success in business, the problem with this mindset is that over time you become very stressed and worn out. You then become unhappy with your work and in turn become an unproductive worker.

Although many people already know it, I will point out at this stage that I love my job. Sure, the hours are long but the rewards are many. They key to business is to love what you do. Myself and Arlene have always taken regular break-ations, this has been integral to keeping up the energy and momentum that is required in the world of affiliate marketing.

When myself and Arlene both started in affiliate marketing we found we were putting a lot of hours into the business. On a day to day basis we often didn’t notice the hours and effort we were putting in, but after a while we both knew it was time for a holiday. We but just couldn’t find the time! I decided to book us a night away at the Dancing Firs Retreat, which has since become my favorite B&B in White Rock B.C.

While we only took two days away from work, during this we were wonderfully looked after by Mary Robson, who owns the resort. We stayed in a lovely five star suite which looked over the Pacific Ocean, went on long walks together down to the water and were treated to a delicious organic breakfast cooked by Mary. If you are ever in the Vancouver area, I strongly recommend you visit.

When we arrived home, Arlene and I felt like we had been away for weeks! We were relaxed and full of energy, ready to get stuck back into work. It feels like we get twice as much work done when we are freshly back from a break-ation.

No matter how busy you are, it’s possible to fit a break-ation into your life. Recently we decided to ‘book end’ a conference we attended, the ShareASale Think Tank 2009' in Newport, California. Most industries have these kind of conferences, many are rewarding and can help you professionally as well. When you are already paying the airfare, it’s easy to book a night or two of accommodation either side of the conference to give yourself a break.

We arrived in California a few days early, giving us plenty of time to visit Disneyland. It was great to explore Main Street USA and many of our other favorite rides. The best bit is that it was the off season; while the weather was still perfect we never had to wait too long in line. After the conference we booked an additional night at the Grand Hyatt and spent a day exploring the beaches of Southern California.

No matter how tight your budget or how busy your schedule, there is a break-ation that will suit you. Why not get in touch with James and Arlene to find out more or to enroll in the Affiliate Marketing Super BootCamp? You’ll be glad you did!


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