Breakations – Benefits of a Successful Affiliate Marketer

As a successful affiliate marketer, I have the benefit of traveling to a variety of conferences held around the world on a regular basis. These conferences give me an opportunity to take what I like to call a “breakation” – a cross between a break and a vacation. As your affiliate business grows and you see continued success, you too will find it advantageous to attend a wide variety of conferences in order to stay abreast of the latest and greatest in internet marketing.

Many conference attendees make the mistake of traveling to these conferences without giving themselves any extra time to relax for a day or two and take in the local sites. As successful affiliate marketers, we all work hard, but it is equally important to reward yourself for the hard work you have done by enjoying life. It is critical to play a little to keep life fresh and interesting. When traveling to a conference the airline ticket is paid for, you are already there, so I make the choice to stay a couple of days after the event or arrive a day or two early to get in a little breakation.

These breakations are an integral part of my lifestyle now and allow me to recharge the batteries a little and also to enjoy the fruits of all my hard work. A recent trip I took to the ShareaSale Think Tank at The Grand Del Mar in beautiful San Diego, California is a perfect example of how you can fit a mini-vacation into a business trip and come home feeling like you had a productive yet rejuvenating experience.

Shamu, the World Famous Killer Whale at Sea World in San Diego, California

Another big advantage to heading out of town is that it forces you to be more productive in order to be prepared to be away from the office for a few days. The days leading up to these trips are usually very busy, and yet some of our most productive times. It always amazes me how much you can get done when you know that fun and relaxation is just around the corner.

I am a big proponent of regular breaks in order to get refreshed and rejuvenated.

Working hard is important to achieve success, but rewarding yourself every four to six weeks is just as important, and the week leading up to those breaks are always incredibly productive.

In our most recent breakation, my wife Arlene and I headed to San Diego a couple of days before the Saturday start of the ShareaSale Think Tank. We chose to have a couple of days of relaxation and site-seeing in order to enjoy beautiful San Diego before heading over to the conference.

After a short flight down the west coast to the San Diego airport we picked up our Chevy Equinox SUV rental car, plugged in “Susie” our trusty GPS unit and headed of to the Hyatt Mission Bay Resort and Spa for a couple of pampered days in this incredible hotel with beautiful views, amazing gardens and palm trees, a stunning pool on the ocean front boardwalk and fabulous food.

We enjoyed a luscious dinner that first night at the Swim restaurant situated right next to the pool. Later we donned fluffy white robes and enjoyed a beautiful California evening in the hot tub. The next day was ours to enjoy how we pleased, and Arlene enjoyed a morning stroll on the boardwalk, and after a simple bagel and orange juice breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and headed to Sea World for an afternoon of fun and sun.

If you haven’t been to Sea World it is certainly something you need to experience if you find yourself in San Diego. We rode the 250-foot high Skytower Ride before taking in some of the excellent attractions which included the Shark Encounter, Flamingo Cove and the Manatee Rescue, which is a freshwater attraction featuring endangered Florida Manatees.

Since we were free for most of the day we also were able to catch a couple of shows. The dolphins at Dolphin Stadium were amazing, as was the hilarious Pets Rule show at Pet’s Stadium. Shamu Stadium featuring Believe was our final show of the afternoon. It was an entertaining show with exciting music, powerful drums and a stunning display of trust between the trainers and whales.

All-in-all, Sea World was an excellent adventure and well worth the price of admission. After a great day of experiences it was time to head to The Grand Del Mar to take part in the ShareaSale Think Tank.

The Grand Del Mar is a first class hotel, and after arriving we were met at the door by the valet who proceeded to take care of everything for us, including a tour of our hotel room. Yes, we needed a tour of our room, which was a spacious and luxurious suite featuring a four-poster king bed, formal sitting area, two desks, a huge flat screen television and deep, plush carpeting. I could go on, but the point is, it was an incredibly luxurious room with an equally amazing view, as well as a fabulous hot tub and pool.

We spent most of the weekend soaking up the beautiful atmosphere of this spectacular hotel while enjoying the conference. After a late Sunday morning breakfast on the back lawn with the other conference attendees we took in the morning session before checking out of the hotel. We intentionally scheduled an evening flight for 6:30 pm so we could have more time to explore before flying back home.

Our final expedition was a drive through La Jolla and along the windy beach roads, watching the surfers while enjoying a beautiful, sunny 80 degree afternoon. After the wonderful beaches and nice ocean breeze we plugged Hotel Del Coronado into the GPS and headed off to this classic and historic hotel.

Affectionately known as the “Del” this National Historic Landmark was built in 1888 and is considered one of the top ten resorts in the world according to USA Today. It was a wonderful place, but time was finally running out and we had to head toward the airport to catch our flight home.

Following the short flight home, our daughter Shelby picked us up at the airport and we arrived home in time for bed. Monday morning arrived finding us refreshed, relaxed and feeling like we had been on vacation for a week instead of just a few days. Needless to say, a breakation like this always energizes us and we were back to work bright and early and ready to roll.

It takes hard work to build a successful affiliate marketing business, but continued success requires balance and regular breakations are an important part of life. Make sure to reward your hard work and success with breaks and mini-vacations. Like Arlene and I, you will find yourself refreshed and energized and ready to work even harder.

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